Smarter Light

So, what makes a product smart?

A cool app, wireless connectivity, a cloud service? These are facets, but not a complete answer.

At Soraa, we believe ‘smarter’ products reach the level of intuition - and improve our lives in novel, irreplaceable ways.

Soraa creates an intelligent environment that is intuitive, secure, and future-proof.


Soraa always provides the right light at the right time. Lights turn on or off when you enter or leave a room, while ambient light sensors adjust brightness to conserve additional energy. During sleep hours, lower light levels allow safe passage without waking you up and vacation mode recreates daily lighting patterns to keep your home safe while you’re away.


Simple & Secure

Networking is as simple as screwing in a bulb. Soraa uses the same electrical wiring already powering your home lights to establish a dedicated, whole-home network.

You don’t need hubs, which means no dead spots. Plus you get the most advanced security available - with end-to-end encryption of your data and sensor events.



Soraa is the only lighting system with a modular expansion port so future sensor and smart home innovations can be added in a snap. A Smart SNAP™.

The optional Cloud Connect is a plug-and-play bridge from Soraa to the internet, enabling voice control, remote access, notifications and a growing list of IoT services.

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Although Soraa is intuitive and dynamic right out of the box, you can still create custom settings through the Soraa app on your mobile device.

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