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Healthier Light

Light affects our sleep and health. We evolved under sunlight, and our bodies respond to its daily cycle: lots of blue light in the morning to wake us up and none in the evening to prepare us for sleep.

But today, artificial light sources, like LED bulbs and screens, upend this natural cycle and threaten our sleep and health.

The Blue Light Epidemic

LED bulbs save energy. Unfortunately, all standard LEDs emit a large blue light peak - enough to disrupt sleep cycles in the evening. Numerous studies link post-sunset, blue light exposure to sleep disruption and longer-term health issues.

The Blue Light Epidemic

Dynamic, Full-Spectrum LED Light

Soraa solves this by replicating the cycle and spectrum of natural sunlight. Out of the box, Soraa adapts to your environment automatically, based on your home's sunrise and sunset times, tuning for your habits and health.



Full-spectrum, crisp white light with enhanced blue light levels, promoting alertness and rejuvenation.



Warm white light with moderate blue light, for comfortable and beautiful surroundings.




Unique soft white light featuring BlueFree™ LED, useful in every room of the house, promoting better sleep.

SORAA Adapts Throughout the Day


Wake Up Better

Waking up after a good night's sleep can set a positive tone for the whole day. Like morning sunlight, Soraa provides full-spectrum light, with plenty of blue, to wake and rejuvenate.


Stay Alert When It Matters

Blue light is healthy and beneficial during the daylight hours. In fact it's the light that makes the sky blue. Blue light helps increase our alertness, elevate our moods and feeling of well being. Soraa is the only LED bulb with the ability to completely tune in and out blue light in the home.


Fall Asleep Better

Our natural circadian rhythms work best when blue light is eliminated at night, allowing for our melatonin levels to increase and prepare our bodies for deeper sleeping. Soraa eliminates the blue light at night to help you fall asleep easier.


The BlueFree Breakthrough

Existing “Sleep” LED bulbs claim to improve sleep by reducing blue light content. But these bulbs all use standard LEDs, so they still emit blue light at night, and produce light with an unnatural yellow cast. Soraa’s patented BlueFree™ LED technology that replaces blue with violet light to maintain beautiful white light.

Soraa's Elegant Solution

Standard LED

Large blue light peak


Faded Colors and Whites

Sleep LED

Reduced blue, unnatural yellow


Unnatural Yellow Tint

SORAA BlueFree™

Soft white light with no blue


Beautiful Colors and Whites

A Technology Supported by Science

To confirm the effectiveness of BlueFree technology, SORAA enlisted the help of Dr. J. Zeitzer, professor at Stanford University and global expert on the effects of light and health. Dr. Zeitzer's team compared the physiological response of subjects exposed to a standard blue-based LED and SORAA BlueFree LED. Dr. Zeitzer concluded that the effects of BlueFree light "were consistent with a decreased impact of the light on the non-image forming system [which regulates] nocturnal alertness, circadian entrainment, and hormone release."

Flicker-Free™ Lighting Source

Healthy light is not only about the right spectrum, but also about how stable light emission is. When an LED receives electrical power, ripples from the incoming alternating current can cause its light output to fluctuate at a rapid rate. The resulting flicker can be directly visible and hence uncomfortable; or it may be imperceptible but still cause headaches and other impairments, especially to people with sensitivity to light. Soraa lamps are best-in-class with an extremely low flicker (<1% flicker index), compared to poorly performing existing smart LED lamps that show 50-90%+ flicker.

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